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Take a look at some of our previous editions in our newsletter archive below.

Christmas Edition - Best news of the year

The December edition of our newsletter was a little different from the others. It brought some of the best news and moments lived by our staff during the year! 

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November Edition

  • The must-read studies for business leaders
  • Making work less stressful for your employees
  • Time for your brand to get a personality
  • Make meetings great again

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October Edition

  • The top 20 business transformations in a decade
  • Why new leaders should make decisions slowly
  • Developing skills that won't be automated
  • The worst CO2 emitters are getting better

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September Edition

  • Insights on how to think like a founder
  • Cybercops dismantle a global pirate network
  • How tech is changing the world of sales
  • Avoiding the CEO & Invoice Fraud

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August Edition

  • Top security risks in digital transformation
  • How to do strategic planning like a futurist
  • Finding (and keeping) your company's soul
  • Understanding the Bitcoin rollercoaster

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July Edition

  • 7 reasons businesses fail and how to avoid them
  • Facebook wants to create a new digital currency
  • Firm turns to pen & paper after Ransomware hit
  • Tech giants racing to put drones in our skies

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June Edition

  • US demands social media details from travellers
  • Huawei lost its Android license - what's that?
  • Tech giants condemn UK's ghost protocol
  • How to build an asset and risk register (from us)

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May Edition

  • The state of AI in 2019
  • The best business books of 2019
  • Email scammers siphoning millions from firms
  • The ultimate password guide for your business

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April Edition

  • Stop wasting money on teambuilding
  • Australia reveals cyber war against ISIS
  • Controversial copyright reform passed in Europe
  • The godfathers of AI have won the Turing award

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