Six-Step Email Series

Email 1

Assessing your Current Position

Using the NIST Cyber Security Framework, we will help you to assess your Current and Desired Cyber Security Profile.

Email 2

Building an Asset and Risk Register

We will show you how to gather the information to build an accurate and up-to-date Asset register and Risk Register.

Email 3

Develop your Action Plan and Scorecard

Once all of the risks have been identified, the next step will be to define an action plan based on addressing the most critical risks first.

Email 4

Gather Evidence and Support the System

Develop your system and calendar key events to review procedures and policies, gathering evidence that will support you in Audit scenarios.

Email 5

The Board, Handling Audits and more

Build simple reporting at all levels of the organisation. Engage the board with simple progress reports that identify progress and key risks that will be addressed over the coming months.

Email 6

Nurturing and Developing the System

Now you are armed with the tools required to develop an IT Risk management system. How to maintain and develop that system over time is the ongoing challenge.